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Sacred Pools

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SunBakedSandsIcon.png Still looking for the Sacred Pools?

Why not make use of the wiki's map through the maze?

Description: Caverns that house mystical waters said to reputedly restore good health.
Goal: Collect Sacred Water Unlocks: Shadowed Shores
Secret Areas: 1


[edit] Quest: Splish, Splash!

Quest Start "The Octopus Guardian, Octani, was corrupted by the same darkness that took Narwhalimbus from our skies. The whale's tainted descent affected all other islands in it's path. I was meeting with Octani when he collided with our island.... The effect was sudden and all consuming...." The sand apparition fades momentarily, then strengthens, "Gather as much of the sacred water as you can. We must cleanse the body of Octani before this land can heal."
Quest Finish As you finish gathering the last of the sacred water you should need, and in spite of corrupted critters and the constant splashing about of Whey, another sand apparition suddenly appears infront of you of Shan'daille. She looks beat, "Brave adventurer... beware.... I have just been asailed..." the sand falters, "...remains of Octani...." the aparation weakens again, shadows start to deepen across the land, then the vision strengthens for one final breath, "Bring her back!"

[edit] Zone Completion Rewards

Each time the zone is completed, there are gold and xp rewards, along with the possibility of one or more Random Zone Rewards.

Quest or Gauntlet Recommended Level Cooldown CooldownClock.png Gold Gold.png XP XP.png Items
Quest 41 1:00 205 820 Random Zone Reward
Gauntlet 1 44 20:00 215 861
Gauntlet 2 47 225 902
Gauntlet 3 50 235 942
Gauntlet 4 53 246 984
Gauntlet 5 56 256 1,025 Shell Soul (first time only)
Random Zone Reward

[edit] Monsters

All the possible monsters and destructible objects present in the zone are listed below.

Monster Destructible Object
Champions may spawn in this zone.

[edit] Gallery of Images

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