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Under the Skin

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Description: Deep in the heart of the whale.
Goal: Defend the Heart Time limit: 2m 30s Unlocks: Spiral Path
Secret Areas: 2


[edit] Quest: Heart of the Matter

Guard the heart!

Quest Start "I will answer your questions, I promise. But not yet. The Rider seeks the stones within the narwhal's heart and horn. I don't need to tell you what will happen if corruption finds the narwhal's heart. You've got to stop it while I head for the horn. I will send out a portal that you can follow later, when you're done."
Quest Finish "We may have caused the poor guy some heart-burn, but he'll thank us later. He should thank us a LOT actually: we unclogged his arteries along the way!"

[edit] Completion Tips

See also: General Gauntlet Completion Tips

The goal of this zone is to defend the two parts of the narwhal's heart from corrupted creatures. Several things are worthwhile noting: random fires will spawn around the heart, and random bubbles appear on the ground. The random fires have no effect on the heart, so only put them out when you have time or if they are blocking your way. The random bubbles can inflict a fair bit of damage, so try to avoid them! On the plus side, they can also damage or kill the corrupted creatures.

As with any zone, summoning an ally will bring a number of advantages. Since there are two parts to the heart that you defend, you can always click on an enemy, and when your ally runs towards the enemy to fight, you can switch focus and fight other enemies.

[edit] Zone Completion Rewards

Each time the zone is completed, there are gold and xp rewards, along with the possibility of one or more Random Zone Rewards.

Quest or Gauntlet Recommended Level Cooldown CooldownClock.png Gold Gold.png XP XP.png Items
Quest 27 1:00 135 540 Random Zone Reward
Gauntlet 1 30 20:00 141 567
Gauntlet 2 33 148 594
Gauntlet 3 36 155 621
Gauntlet 4 39 162 648
Gauntlet 5 42 168 675 Cutterpillar (first time only)
Random Zone Reward

[edit] Monsters

All the possible monsters and destructible objects present in the zone are listed below.

Monster Destructible Object
  • None
No champions will spawn in this zone.

[edit] Gallery of Images

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